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Yes, They’re Real & They’re Fabulous!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 28, 2009 by queenofnoise


The Pearl Demon Drive pedals that is!  After waiting an eternity for them to arrive, I’m happy to say these aren’t a crappy marketing gimmick.  In the couple hours I’ve had the time to play around with them so far, I’ve been very pleased with their aesthetics and playability.  I’ve never had the opportunity to play any of the other direct drive pedals such as Trick or Axis, but the difference between the DD’s and chain driven pedals is day and night.

You literally get what you play… they are so smooth and fast, and in fact I am having difficulty keeping up with them!  I also like how the connection points from the slave pedal to the drive shaft don’t pinch if you have the pedal at a strange angle- which renders the pedal useless during a song- like my old Eliminators did.  Now I can place the pedal at any weird angle and still be able to play.  This is also the only pedal with a changeable footboard, from short to long.  I’ve never played on longboards before, so am trying to get the feel for that right now.  I haven’t had the chance yet to play around with the adjustability much, other that setting the pedal to a lighter feel.  Right out of the box though it feels very playable.

Aesthetically, the pedal matches my new drum kit perfectly and it looks fabulous.  The pedal parts are cast, not machined as in other high end pedals, but I honestly don’t feel like this pedal is of cheap quality or that it’ll break.  I have been reading reports of the beaters not lasting, and they do feel a little soft for a felt beater, but I don’t play extreme metal so I don’t figure on shredding them at all.

Bottom line: It’s the nicest pedal I’ve played yet!