Masterpiece or Marketing Frenzy: the Pearl Demon Drive Pedal


I keep wanting to call these “Devil’s Gate Drive” Pedals like the Suzi Quatro song.

Is it just me or are drum companies getting gimmicky, where “new and improved” models are being churned out at alarming rates?  Well that was my first impression anyways of the new Pearl Demon Drive pedal, which replaces the not-so-old-and-redundant Eliminators.

Watching the campaign for this pedal (I started seeing it at the end of last year) had me intrigued.   Before a release date was even scheduled I started seeing videos popping up on Youtube from famous drummers (read: Pearl endorsers) claiming that this pedal was the best thing since sliced bread.  Pearl even states that the Demon Drive is the “smoothest and fastest drum pedal available”… only where was the scientific data to back this up?  And the “cutting edge technology” looked nothing more than a rip off of Axis and Trick pedals that metal drummers have been using for years.

As cynical as I was,  I still followed what was going on with the pedal.  I think probably because it matched my new drum kit!

Projected release dates came and went with still no pedal (which to me just seemed like working people into a frenzy), but there was yet another slew of Youtube videos showing the pedal actually being demonstrated at music trade shows like NAMM and Musikmesse.  I liked the idea of the skateboard bearings in it that produced hardly any friction for faster play, the ability to change it into a longboard from a shortboard, and the adjustiblity without all the cams and allen keys that the Eliminators had.  And of course being direct drive instead of chain drive, there’d be no hesitation in the playing.

I was sold without even playing them.  In the end it was actual product demoing I saw and not the marketing push and glitz (well at least I hope not, I’ve always thought I was immune to marketing ploys!)  and brought my Eliminators to Long & McQuade’s for a part trade on the double pedals.

The pedals are definitely not cheap – after tax they were $830 CDN,  and I got $226 in trade credit for my Eliminators.  Which is still pricy for something I haven’t even tried out yet.  But I have been happy with all Pearl hardware I’ve ever bought, so I’m assuming this shouldn’t be any different.  The proof shall be in the playing… whenever they arrive!  But yes, I am sure the marketing push didn’t work on me, as even though advertising works on countless zillions of others, I am immune.  Right?  Right?


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